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„NILD Educational Therapy® – Teaching How to Learn: Developing Cognitive Competences” 1st level training course



This course introduces and develops the foundational methodology for training students how to learn using the first level of NILD Educational Therapy techniques. Three learning components are addressed:



– The underlying premise of NILD instruction is the theoretical position that every learner can improve in cognitive, academic, perceptual, and emotional functioning.



– A combination of psychological and educational assessments reveal patterns of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Informal tests are used to support and clarify student profiles.



– Specific intervention is designed to address particular learning needs with the intention of targeting and developing areas of cognitive vulnerability.



General: Successful completion of this course will equip the beginning educational therapist to identify and assess student needs and utilize NILD techniques enabling students to succeed in the classroom and in life.


Specific: Upon successful completion of this course, the educational therapist will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a beginning understanding of NILD philosophy and methodology
  • Describe NILD’s comprehensive approach that develops learning through perception, academics, cognition and emotions
  • Explain the differences between NILD methodology and tutoring
  • Understand how reading, math and spelling can be impacted by improving cognitive functioning
  • Identify learning challenges and apply specific tools to develop and enhance thinking skills
  • Design an educational therapy program according to the strengths and vulnerabilities determined by assessment and implement an effective intervention program based on the NILD techniques
  • Begin to learn how to assess students annually
  • Develop literacy skills in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics and syllabication
  • Develop writing skills with the underlying integration of attention, working memory and grapho-motor skills.


EU stipends

For citizens of the EU and EFTA countries

Stipends are available for citizens of the European Union and EFTA countries
(Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey) within the guidelines of the Erasmus +
Program. You can find information at:
The school or institution in which you work should prepare a global training
program for all of its staff members who they wish to send abroad to learn; this
includes conferences and training courses. Your institution should submit their
proposal to the National Agency. Funding is only for programs abroad, not
within your home country.
In the application you should indicate the title of the
course: „NILD Educational Therapy® – Teaching How to Learn: Developing
Cognitive Competences” in Budapest (Hungary), host organization: Association for
Educational Needs

You can find more information as well as your national agency’s address here:


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