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Agnes Jordanidisz – Nikosz Jordanidisz: Form-analogy  – 10 EUR

A collection of tasks to develop inferential thinking for children from age 5. The tasks include logical reasoning with geometric shapes and form sudoku games. The kit consists of the book, laminated working sheets and plastic geometric shapes.



Agnes Jordanidisz – Andreasz Jordanidisz: Magnetic Space – 12 EUR

This game consists of 26 colorful cards of different 2 and 3 dimensional construction patterns from magnetic rods and the magnetic rods (blue, green, red and yellow). The task is to build the patterns from different angles, using mental rotation.



Nikosz Jordanidisz: Geo-clock  – 10 EUR

The tool helps students to understand time, fractions and also geometry: angles, forms, rotation and symmetry. The kit consists of the wooden base, sticks and rubber bends plus a collection of 60 tasks!